Our Student-Athletes’ Success Stories Drive Us

NCAA Student-Athlete identities are protected here to comply with NCAA amateurism rules.

Being able to work personally to support students with Honest Game reminds me of why I went into the education field in the first place. Navigating the complexities of the NCAA student eligibility center is a daunting and time consuming task for any high school district . The clear communication and focused effort provided by the Honest Game team has made operations at the district office run more efficiently. I have benefitted from their hands on approach, guidance, and deep knowledge of the NCAA rules and procedures.
Brett Fickes

Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Thornton Township High School District 205

I like your mission, vision and interest in advocacy for all students. I don’t think I have ever seen a platform like yours. Helping our student athletes is a definite priority for us and I look forward to the possibilities.
Donn P. Mendoza, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools, Round Lake Area School District #116

Honest Game helped our son by showing him the holes in his grades, SAT and giving him a plan to succeed. We want to truly say we appreciate the time that was spent in helping him to become a better student-athlete. Thank you all for everything you’ve done for my son. Continue helping our youth of today the way you’ve helped our son.
Thankfully yours,
Katie & Robert

Parents of NCAA DI Men’s Basketball Student-Athlete

Honest Game has helped me more than I can even give them credit for. They took me from an average student to a great student. They went above and beyond to make sure I was the best student I could be. I’m forever grateful for their generosity and care. I am so grateful from the bottom of my heart.
NCAA DI Football Student-Athlete

Honest Game changed my life drastically. I struggled throughout high school and didn’t really see college as a possibility for me outside of sports. They helped me build the confidence to make me a better student. Honest game will be very beneficial to other student-athletes in my situation. As a recruit, I was meeting different Division I coaches and it helped having information to see where I needed to be in school to obtain a scholarship. This is something that I could not have done on my own. The support I got was incredible. Honest game is more than just a business. It’s putting yourself in the best situation moving forward. I am currently a Red-shirt junior, majoring in Advertising management. I will also be getting a minor in educational studies. My football career has been going very well and I will be graduating from my Big 10 college next fall.
Best regards,
NCAA DI Football Student-Athlete

Honest Game pointed my son in the correct direction to achieve for the best, to stay on top of his grades and strive high not low. They researched how he could do better. He can reach out to others who are trying to get there and show them what to do by example. Understanding the process helped him understand why he needed to better himself educational wise, to prepare for life. Honest game is a good tool for prospering. I would recommend all young student-athletes do it.

Mother of NCAA DI Student-Athlete

Honest Game helped me so much. I played basketball and was good but I was plagued by stress and issues within my family. Those distractions interfered constantly and hindered my growth on and off the court. Honest Game kept me on track with school and making sure I stayed at the top of my game. I can definitely say if it wasn’t for the support that Honest Game provided I wouldn’t have made it this far! I promise to continue making you proud!
Forever grateful,
NCAA DII Women’s Basketball Student-Athlete