The HG User Dashboard will show students and their counselors their NCAA core courses completed & NCAA Core GPA and will alert students to deficiencies in credits, courses, GPA and test scores.

Student-athletes depend on their high school counselors’ and coaches’ knowledge and recommendations during the college search process. HG’s tool will assist counselors and coaches with real-time NCAA rule changes, red flag core course selections and advise on credit recovery plans for NCAA and NAIA academic eligibility.

The HG College Dashboard will provide college coaches a reliable database of students’ academic data, searchable by sport, GPA, standardized test scores, location, etc.

Coaches can track academic progress via our site, cross-check their recruit list against HG’s database and find new recruits based on searchable academic data.

Data is retrieved directly from high school IT departments, therefore it has integrity and is easily processed.


Coming Soon!

The HG Tutor Dashboard will provide an academic tutoring network to assist student-athletes in raising their grades to be NCAA eligible and/or admissible to their chosen colleges.

Honest Game will take students to the next step of eligibility and admissibility by connecting them with a tutoring network and will provide financial assistance to those with demonstrated need.


Club Sports

Club sport participation by high school athletes is the norm. In fact, the specialization of sport has grown so significantly that some clubs prohibit team members from playing on their high school teams. However, NCAA eligibility rules and regulations apply to all student-athletes. Therefore, Honest game is an essential tool for clubs to utilize to help their members use their sport to transform their athletic ability into life opportunity.

Recruiting/Scout Services

The athletic recruiting process is competitive, time consuming and confusing. Honest Game is part of the toolbox that recruiting/scout services can utilize to help their clients amplify their online recruiting profiles, promote their admissibility and/or eligibility and connect with college coaches that lead to meaningful outcomes.

Independent College Counselors

Independent consultants can take a lot of stress out of the college application process. These professionals not only tour campuses on a regular basis, they can dedicate their time to just your college search. Hiring a counselor may help you recoup the cost in the long run, as they can help determine “fit” and suggest schools you may never have considered. Honest Game is part of the toolbox that independent college counselors can harness to help their clients empower their academic eligibility and admissibility.


Honest Game is a lifestyle benefit and can be easily incorporated into employee benefits programs. A focus on family has been part of well-rounded compensation plans that excite and inspire staff, as well as attract top talent to the recruiting process.