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Honest Game is the only comprehensive system that empowers school staff and their families to unlock college athletic opportunities like experts. Our software harnesses a student-athlete's passion for sport with a motivation for learning, offering transparent strategies and a clear path to eligibility. Unite your entire team and let us navigate the complexities of the academic-athletic journey for you. Join the hundreds of schools paving a way for their students and families.


Discover What Honest Game Can Do for Your School

Learn more about how Honest Game helps high school counselors and coaches navigate the academic requirements to ensure all of their student-athletes have a path to access college athletics.


What our customers are saying about our service

The support our students and counselors receive is knowledgeable, personal, and strategic.

Alana A. School Counselor, Evanston Township High School

Honest Game has helped to almost triple the number of our student-athletes going on to compete at the college level.

Chris L. Athletic Director, Evanston Township High School

Honest Game is the new solution every high school wants. Schools that have it love it and schools that don’t, they need it.

Steve G. Athletic Director, Dundee-Crown High School

Honest Game has been a pleasure to work with. They are extremely quick to respond to our needs and helpful through each step of the process.

Nicholas H. Athletic Director, Gateway Science Academy

Honest Game removes all of the manual work and risk from the process for high school staff. It provides the transparency and assurance that families and high school staff need.

Dave T. Executive Director, Washington Secondary School Athletic Administration Association (WSSAAA)

The clear communication and focused effort provided by the Honest Game team has made all the difference.

Brett F. Executive Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Thornton Township High School District 205

My coaches are LOVING the Honest Game tool and are actively using it to check out how to best support our students going into next year.

Stephanie P. District Academic & Athletic Accountability Pathway Advisor, Cincinnati Public Schools

This isn’t going to just streamline the process for me, but also for our families. Now they can log in and check their eligibility themselves.

Michelle M. College & Career Specialist, Osseo Public Schools

I can go into Honest Game and know exactly what a student needs to do. Being able to share that with families is really important.

Beth A. College & Career Coordinator, Evanston Township High School

This is the most parent-friendly software I've seen. It helps our kids take ownership of their requirements and their own future.

Liz N. Interim Deputy Chief of Learning & Teaching, Cleveland Metro School District

Honest Game allows us to be proactive in ensuring every student-athlete has a plan to be academically eligible to qualify to play college sports.

Rich B. Athletic Director, Lake Shore High School

High School Plans

Learn more about how Honest Game can save educators time, drive student motivation and learning outcomes, and mitigate risk for high schools and districts by ensuring that all of their students have a plan to meet academic eligibility requirements. Contact us for a custom quote today.

Honest Game Empowers High Schools

Eligibility Expertise

We are your on-demand academic eligibility experts. Our team includes former high school counselors, athletic directors, college athletics administrators, coaches, parents, and NCAA board members – all available to help. Our webinar library will provide hours of expert educational content for your coaches, counselors and students!

All Access Pass to Eligibility Compliance

High schools rarely have access to a compliance department or eligibility support. In fact many colleges are also lacking in compliance support. Yet high schools are tasked with ensuring their students are on track for academic compliance for college sports. As a result, almost 1 million student-athletes are academically ineligible every year.

Automate Complex Operations

Completing a school’s registration process with the NCAA requires a great deal of administrative time – at least 40 hours for the initial application. And providing assistance to students choosing to apply for eligibility requires substantial amounts of counselor time. Honest Game’s technology relieves the labor-intensive burden of academic compliance for college sports and allows educators and administrators to spend more time developing programs and potential.

Your Compliance Plan

In addition to custom academic eligibility tracking for every student enrolled in a sport, Honest Game also provides NCAA registration support for high schools with no accredited NCAA courses and regular maintenance for others to ensure that their high school courses are aligned with the NCAA Eligibility Center Portal.


Common Questions

Find answers to some common questions in our FAQ. If you’re unable to find the answer to your question please feel free to contact us. We’re here to assist you.

Athletic compliance simply means that individuals in a sports league must adhere to certain requirements and expectations if they wish to participate. In the case of the NCAA and NAIA, there are many academic requirements that must be met and upheld for athletes to remain eligible. Athletic compliance for these organizations consists of meeting core course GPA requirements, taking the necessary number of credits, etc.
Honest Game is a first-to-market software as a service (SaaS) platform for high school staff, club sports, parents/guardians, and student athletes to track the complex NCAA and NAIA academic eligibility requirements to play college sports. Through the use of different software and partnerships, we have created a centralized hub for students looking to participate in college athletics.
Honest Game’s CARE® (College Athletic Report on Eligibility®) provides a step-by-step academic roadmap to college access, including strategic guidance and short-term goals that align every student-athlete’s passion for sport with their motivation for academic success.
Honest Game is an access tool designed to support all student athletes, not merely the student athletes who hope to play in college. Honest Game’s short-term strategic guidance drives participation in sport and student learning outcomes (SLOs), generating a variety of college access opportunities for all high school student-athletes (i.e., academic scholarships, recruited walk-on offers, and admission to highly academic colleges).
The NCAA Eligibility Center is a clearinghouse. All student-athletes must be academically cleared by the NCAA to be able to play at an NCAA-sanctioned college/university. Honest Game is not a clearinghouse, but rather a guide to ensure all student-athletes have a step-by-step roadmap to navigate the complex eligibility requirements and be cleared to play college sports.
Honest Game is committed to keeping your student data private and secure. At Honest Game, our mission is to provide every student athlete a fair and equitable opportunity to access college. At the center of this mission is protecting the privacy and security of our customers’ data. We understand that customers in the education sector are subject to specific compliance obligations, including those under the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA). Honest Game's privacy practices, technical controls, and security measures are designed to protect the data customers submit to Honest Game. If you would like to learn more about Honest Game's plans and features and/or discuss more about how Honest Game supports your FERPA and COPPA compliance obligations, please contact us at [email protected].
Typically, schools split the cost of Honest Game between departments because the technology provides trusted, shareable data that brings together multiple stakeholders in a school to drive motivation, student learning outcomes, and post-secondary opportunities. Additionally, Honest Game qualifies for use of Title 1 and Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Funding.

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