Ask Cleo The Counselor

Introducing Cleo the Counselor, our new chatbot that helps students, coaches, counselors, and families get answers to their questions 24/7.

Cleo can answer questions about academic eligibility, admissions, financial aid, scholarships, Eligibility Center registration, and more.

Go ahead and try asking your questions now! Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Use #getsmart to learn more about how to boost your grades
  • Try #collegefit to help you decide the right school for you
  • Ask “How do I know if I will get recruited?”
  • Type #payforcollege for ideas and resources
  • Use #geteligible for details on academic eligibility

Cleo’s Features

Cleo knows answers to hundreds of specific questions about college admission, college applications, financial aid, college athletic recruiting, academic eligibility for college sports, college fit, and more. Students, coaches and families can get answers anytime and anywhere.

Cleo speaks 100 languages including Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, and Hindi. All you need to do is select the language or type a hashtag before the language (e.g. #Spanish) and type your question. Cleo will answer in that language automatically.

Sometimes, Cleo can’t answer your question. This may be because we haven’t taught Cleo the answers for that topic yet or your question is specific to your situation. If that happens, try #followup or contact us by email and we’ll get back to you.

Cleo is supported by First Bank Chicago, the exclusive sponsor for the financial literacy component of this chatbot.

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