Honest Game and Fusion Academy Partner to Help Student-Athletes Achieve Success

Updated on Sep 19, 2023

Chicago, IL (June 2, 2022) – Every year thousands of high school student-athletes hoping to play college sports encounter academic roadblocks that prevent them from reaching their goal. Student-athletes can fall behind academically, take the wrong class, or miss their opportunity because of an NCAA requirement technicality. This requires finding the right educational solution to get and stay on track – and those can be hard to find. 

Now, a new partnership between Honest Game and Fusion Academy will provide a clear pathway and support for student-athletes to meet their academic goals, leveraging the power of sport to create more pathways to college.  

Both Fusion and Honest Game work with thousands of student-athletes across the nation to help them reach their full potential. Honest Game, an education technology company that simplifies the academic eligibility requirements required to play sports in college, is partnering with Fusion to connect more student-athletes to educational opportunities in their preferred setting that will help them attain their post-secondary goals.

Honest Game’s technology helps student-athletes and their families avoid missteps and provides a clear academic roadmap so that all students have more opportunities to find the right college fit. Oftentimes, that means additional coursework and specialized academic support. Through the partnership, Honest Game families and student-athletes will now have an opportunity to access Fusion’s personalized, one-to-one education services.

Fusion is an innovator of personalized education and its middle and high schools are fully accredited and offerings include NCAA-approved classes for credit, tutoring and mentoring services, and post-secondary counseling. Fusion seeks to unlock the incredible potential of every student. At Fusion, students have strong relationships with their teachers and mentors, anchored by a customized and achievable learning journey. Classes are one-to-one: one student and one teacher/mentor per classroom and the entire educational experience is personalized for each student. Full-time and part-time options are available for in-person, virtual and hybrid learning.

“So many young student-athletes are grappling with tremendous expectations and obligations. Honest Game’s software provides them and their families with some clarity and a roadmap to follow,” said Honest Game CEO Kim Michelson. “Fusion provides student-athletes with a flexible learning environment with built-in social-emotional supports. Together, Honest Game and Fusion will build confidence and positivity into a student-athlete’s everyday life, giving families peace of mind and a path to meet their college goals.”

“We start with the student, help them articulate their goals, envision their end game and partner with them to achieve it,” said Peter Ruppert, Chief Executive Officer of Fusion Education Group, which operates Fusion Academy. “Honest Game helps ensure that our students successfully reach their long-term academic and athletic goals. They are a strong value-add for our families.” 

Honest Game is the first of its kind to automate academic eligibility tracking, aiming to improve learning outcomes by pairing a high school student-athlete’s passion for sports with a motivation for learning. Honest Game also works with student-athletes and their families to ensure they are meeting all of the NCAA requirements for coursework and accreditation, while taking the guesswork out of the recruiting process and finding the best college fit.

To learn more about Honest Game and how your student-athlete can benefit from automated academic eligibility tracking, visit honestgame.com. Information on Fusion and how it can better serve your student can be found at fusionacademy.com.


About Honest Game

Honest Game is the industry-leading on-demand academic compliance solution for high school administrators to save them time by automating the complex and constantly changing NCAA rules and requirements. Honest Game exists to support busy school counselors and athletic directors, ensuring schools mitigate the risk of their students becoming academically ineligible and ensuring all students have equal access to post-secondary opportunities. Honest Game partners with thousands of high schools and families to leverage students’ passion for sports to fuel their motivation for learning using short-term goals and clear visual guidance.

About Fusion Academy

Fusion Academy is part of Fusion Education Group (FEG) a revolutionary educational innovator of personalized learning. Fusion Academy provides one-to-one learning to grades six through 12 at nearly 70 campuses in 18 states and the District of Columbia. Fusion Global Academy offers one-to-one personalized education through its completely virtual campus that currently serves students in 45 states and 18 countries. Global Anytime allows students to access self-driven courses online whenever they want and includes support from Fusion Global Academy.