Honest Game Announces Partnership with rSchoolToday

Updated on Aug 8, 2023

Ed tech platforms will join forces to create more college opportunities for student-athletes

Chicago, IL (April 20, 2022) Honest Game and rSchoolToday announced today a new partnership to use the power of sport to create more post-secondary pathways for student-athletes. 

Both rSchoolToday and Honest Game work with thousands of high schools across the nation to help student-athletes reach their full potential. rSchoolToday’s technology includes the most widely adopted athletic scheduler in the US, and with this partnership the company is introducing even more tools to help student-athletes and their families. 

By partnering with Honest Game, an education technology company that simplifies the academic eligibility requirements required to play sports in college, rSchoolToday families will have an opportunity to access educational insights and data to help them navigate one of the most complex pieces of the post-secondary journey – the college academic eligibility and recruiting process. 

The Honest Game technology solution helps student-athletes and their families avoid missteps and provides a clear academic roadmap so that all students have more opportunities to find the right college fit. 

“We all love to watch student-athletes succeed and make it to the next level, but imagine for a moment the players on that team never made it to college,” said Honest Game CEO Kim Michelson. “This is a reality for thousands of student-athletes, who either fall behind academically, take the wrong class, or miss their opportunity because of an NCAA requirement technicality. Partnering with like minded companies like rSchool helps us reach more families, so we’re able to provide as many student-athletes as possible with a clear path to post-secondary education opportunities.”

“We’ve made a commitment to help schools and their families tackle the challenges they’re facing both on and off the field. After announcing our $40M Dash, collaborating with HonestGame was a perfect way to launch this new initiative,” said rSchoolToday’s Erin Blohm, Director of Direct to Consumer Marketing. “Their expertise in helping parents and athletes navigate academic eligibility is an invaluable asset for families in the rSchoolToday network. We’re thrilled to add a resource that helps streamline the nuances of eligibility compliance so parents and athletes can ultimately focus more on excelling in their sport and activity.”

Honest Game is the first of its kind to automate academic eligibility tracking, aiming to improve learning outcomes by pairing a high school student-athlete’s passion for sports with a motivation for learning. Honest Game also works with student-athletes and their families to ensure they are meeting all of the NCAA requirements for coursework and accreditation, while taking the guesswork out of the recruiting process and finding the best college fit.

rSchoolToday is the maker of the most comprehensive and widely-adopted athletics management platform on the market, currently serving more than 14,000 schools, districts, colleges and universities. The company provides an integrated suite of 25 cloud-hosted Software and Mobile App solutions to the K–12 and college education market, and includes the most widely adopted athletic scheduler in the US. 

To learn more about Honest Game and how your student-athlete can benefit from automated academic eligibility tracking, visit honestgame.com. Information on rSchoolToday and how it can better serve your school can be found at rschooltoday.com.


About Honest Game

Honest Game is the industry leading on-demand academic compliance solution for high school administrators to save them time by automating the complex and constantly changing NCAA rules and requirements. Honest Game exists to support busy school counselors and athletic directors, ensuring schools mitigate the risk of their students becoming academically ineligible and to ensure all students have equal access to post-secondary opportunities. Honest Game partners with thousands of high schools and families to leverage students’ passion for sports to fuel their motivation for learning using short-term goals and clear visual guidance.


About rSchoolToday

rSchoolToday is a 23-year-old company providing an integrated suite of 25 cloud-hosted Software and Mobile App solutions to the K–12 and college education market. rSchool’s Sports Management Platform includes the most widely adopted athletic scheduler in the US. The company currently serves over 14,000 schools and 15 state athletic associations.