Honest Game Named Official Academic Partner of Hudl

Updated on Aug 8, 2023

Midwest-based education tech companies join forces to support and empower high schools and student-athletes

Chicago, IL (February 22, 2022) Honest Game has been named the official academic partner of Hudl and will serve as an academic eligibility expert for high schools and their student-athletes as they create more post-secondary pathways through college sports. 

Both Hudl and Honest Game work with thousands of high schools across the nation to help student-athletes reach their full potential. By partnering with Honest Game, an education technology company that simplifies the academic eligibility requirements required to play sports in college, Hudl users will now have access to educational insights and data to help them navigate the complex college academic eligibility and the recruiting process.

As part of the partnership, Honest Game’s experts will provide learning opportunities for student-athletes, parents, and athletic directors to further their education on the current academic eligibility landscape; while keeping Hudl users up to speed on notable or newsworthy events related to NCAA and NAIA academic eligibility and/or recruitment.

Honest Game is the first of its kind to automate academic eligibility tracking, aiming to improve learning outcomes by pairing a high school student-athlete’s passion for sports with a motivation for learning. Honest Game also works with schools to ensure they are meeting all of the NCAA requirements for coursework and accreditation, while connecting school staff, and educating parents and students.

“At Honest Game, everything we do is focused around the success of our student-athletes – and as any athlete knows, you’re stronger as a team than as an individual,” said Kim Michelson, co-founder of Honest Game. “Our ultimate goal is to improve learning outcomes and level the playing field so that every student has a fair and equitable opportunity to attend college. That’s why partnerships like this are so important to us, because when we combine forces, we are able to help even more students reach their potential.”

“Hudl’s suite of software and hardware power teams and athletic departments across the U.S. helping every student suiting up have equal opportunities to get inspired, get better and get noticed. Our partnership with Honest Game allows each athlete to be prepared on the field and connect their classroom performance with academic eligibility requirements to help take their game to the next level” said Greg Nelson, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Hudl.

For more information on Hudl, visit hudl.com. To learn more about Honest Game and how your student-athlete can benefit from automated academic eligibility tracking, visit honestgame.com.


About Honest Game

Honest Game is the industry leading on-demand academic compliance solution for high school administrators to save them time by automating the complex and constantly changing NCAA rules and requirements. Honest Game exists to support busy school counselors and athletic directors, ensuring schools mitigate the risk of their students becoming academically ineligible and to ensure all students have equal access to post-secondary opportunities. Honest Game partners with thousands of high schools and families to leverage students’ passion for sports to fuel their motivation for learning using short-term goals and clear visual guidance.

About Hudl

Hudl is an industry leader in performance analysis revolutionizing the way coaches and athletes prepare for and stay ahead of the competition. With a global team of engineers, analysts, and support, Hudl offers a complete suite of products and services that empower more than 200,000+ sports teams at every level-from grassroots to professional organizations-to gather insights with video and data. 6M users across 40+ sports leverage Hudl’s online tools, mobile and desktop apps, smart cameras, analytics, professional consultation, and more. Learn more at www.hudl.com.