Our Dedication to Data Privacy

As stewards of Student Data, Honest Game is committed to collecting and utilizing Student Data solely as required to deliver our services to districts.

Our Privacy Policy explicitly outlines the procedures for collecting, utilizing, and sharing information. Student Data is exclusively utilized for providing services on behalf of schools employing Honest Game, in accordance with our Terms of Use, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), and pertinent state laws governing Student Data.

We neither sell nor capitalize on Student Data, abstaining from advertising to students through Honest Game. Additionally, we prohibit third-party behavioral tracking on the Honest Game app for targeted advertising or ad display purposes.

Seamless Integration with your Secure SSO

Honest Game facilitates single sign-on for the convenience of staff and students accessing the app. We have partnered with Clever and ClassLink, allowing single sign-on through their platforms. Customers can seek and establish connections with Honest Game through their respective administrative portals. Users with Google accounts can also employ the “Sign In With Google” button for authentication through Google OAuth2.

Safeguarding Data Privacy in Action

Honest Game is intricately designed to aid schools and districts in safeguarding the privacy and integrity of student information. By minimizing shared data and offering visibility and control over software adoption, Honest Game supports district data privacy initiatives.

When using Honest Game, districts or schools retain complete control over the data they share and the circumstances under which they share it. Upon request, Honest Game ensures the prompt deletion of district or school data from our systems.

For further details, explore Honest Game’s Privacy Policy.