2024 Resource Kit

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Honest Game's comprehensive system blends educational resources with cutting-edge software and support to manage your school's NCAA Eligibility Center portal. This kit has all the resources for your school to get started, including how to communicate with students and families. Access resources individually, or download them all at once!

Get Started!

4 Easy Steps

Login To Your Account

Log in with Google SSO (single sign-on), Clever, or Class Link. Or if your school does not use Google or a third-party software, please enter your school email address as your username.

View Your Dashboard

After signing in, you will see your dashboard with a snapshot of your eligibility plan.

  • Green means student-athlete is currently on track for eligibility.
  • Yellow means student-athlete is currently academic redshirt or partial qualifier status.
  • Red means student-athlete is currently non-qualifier status.

Click to view your eligibility status and review guidance to remedy core credit, GPA, and/or test score deficiencies.

Use the Eligibility Plan

Each student-athlete’s College Athletic Report on Eligibility (CARE®) can be used to show projections for courses in progress. Students and families can share with prospective college coaches to accelerate the recruiting process.

Each eligibility plan identifies key barriers and how to fix them to achieve a successful eligibility pathway.

Need help understanding Honest Game’s Eligibility Plan? Watch this video explainer or contact us!

Review Key Dates

Eligibility Plans are created at the completion of each semester or trimester. Follow this student-athlete timeline for best results:

  • Review plans mid-November, early January, mid-March and end of school year. Summer review may be helpful for specific students depending on your athletic opportunities.
  • Review plans for student-athletes planning to sign a NLI to compete and accept a scholarship. NLI signing dates can be found here.
  • Ensure all transfer students receive a report and review as they matriculate.


Use these tailor-made and up-to-date resources to start your community’s Honest Game journey, get answers to your questions about using our system, or learn more about the world of academic eligibility.

Honest Game staff are here for you every step of the way – from launching a secure data transfer and assisting with uploads to engaging with staff and students.

Onboarding Timeline
Honest Game Logos
Social Media Partnership Announcement Template
Press Release Announcement Template
You know your community best! Help the various users in your school community navigate the complicated world of academic eligibility.

Email to school staff, administrators, and counselors
Email to parents and student/athletes
Creating a page on your school or district website to share resources
Honest Game Overview Presentation Slides
Need tutorials? Ready to dive into a world of diverse insights, expert perspectives, and actionable strategies? We got you covered! Check out Honest Game's video library for advice, how-to videos, information on issues related to academic eligibility, and our latest educational webinars.

How-Tos and Training Videos
Even for the experts, navigating NCAA academic eligibility can be challenging! Honest Game is here to help eliminate eligibility concerns with answers to common questions. Honest Game is here to help eliminate eligibility concerns with answers to common questions.
Chat with Cleo the Counselor, Honest Game’s chatbot that helps students, coaches, counselors, and families get answers to their questions 24/7. Cleo can answer questions about academic eligibility, admissions, financial aid, scholarships, Eligibility Center registration, and more!
Aligning academic eligibility and admissions requirements along with athletic recruiting can be overwhelming for student-athletes and their families. It can be helpful to talk with an expert in academic advising and college athletics to navigate the process.

Honest Game counselors are compliance experts, former collegiate athletes, and athletic administrators with decades of experience in both academic advising and college athletics.
For schools and districts with comprehensive Honest Game accounts, our staff ensure your schools are up to date in the NCAA Portal. These resources provide information on the importance of continual accreditation and maintenance.
Want to add your story to the growing list of Honest Game successes that are shared via email, social media, and to the press? We are always on the lookout for ways to highlight student-athletes and school staff! Reach out to [email protected] to request an interview.